Business/Real Estate

section-6a5e645 Business/Real Estate Commercial transactions, Contractual disputes, Residential and commercial sales agreements Our firm provides legal services on a wide variety of legal matters such as commercial transactions, contractual disputes, residential and commercial sales agreements.  We also provide legal support

International Reach

section-8ea56c3 International Reach We stay in touch with clients outside the U.S. via Skype and other forms of communication. We have a network of lawyers that we work with in Morocco; Paris, France; Germany; London, England; and New York. Our

Matrimonial/Family Law

section-d37676f Matrimonial/Family Law Divorce, Custody, Property Settlement Matrimonial law requires special attention and expertise to ensure that cases do not become overwhelmingly time-consuming and costly. Attorney Amal Oummih  is incredibly experienced in intricate and complicated family law cases, especially those


section-d50a9a6 Immigration Citizenship, Green Cards, Removal Attorney Amal Oummih is uniquely positioned to work with immigration cases. Ms. Oummih is fluent in English, Arabic, and French, and, in addition to her international network of lawyers, her off-counsel partner Suzana Frlan-Zovko

General Litigation

section-945580f General Litigation Contracts, Administrative Disputes, Real Estate Transactions

Intl. Civil Servant Law

section-065f6ea Intl. Civil Servant Law Employment Relations, Mechanisms of Guarantee, Protection of Intl. Civil Servants Attorney Amal Oummih worked as a Lawyer and Legal Specialist in the United Nations for nine years. Ms. Oummih set up the first office of


Oummih Law Group is located in Astoria – Long Island City in Queens.  We are a full-service law firm providing legal services, representation, and counseling in various areas of law. Contact us for a confidential consultation.

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