Business/Real Estate

section-6a5e645 Business/Real Estate Commercial transactions, Contractual disputes, Residential and commercial sales agreements Our firm provides legal services on a wide variety of legal matters such as commercial transactions, contractual disputes, residential and commercial sales agreements.  We also provide legal support

International Reach

section-8ea56c3 International Reach We stay in touch with clients outside the U.S. via Skype and other forms of communication. We have a network of lawyers that we work with in Morocco; Paris, France; Germany; London, England; and New York. Our

Matrimonial/Family Law

section-d37676f Matrimonial/Family Law Divorce, Custody, Property Settlement Matrimonial law requires special attention and expertise to ensure that cases do not become overwhelmingly time-consuming and costly. Attorney Amal Oummih  is incredibly experienced in intricate and complicated family law cases, especially those

General Litigation

section-945580f General Litigation Contracts, Administrative Disputes, Real Estate Transactions

Intl. Civil Servant Law

section-82c52ee Intl. Civil Servant Law Employment Relations, Mechanisms of Guarantee, Protection of Intl. Civil Servants Attorney Amal Oummih worked as a Lawyer and Legal Specialist in the United Nations for nine years. Ms. Oummih set up the first office of


Oummih Law Group is located in Astoria – Long Island City in Queens.  We are a full-service law firm providing legal services, representation, and counseling in various areas of law. Contact us for a confidential consultation.

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